How I Really Met Your Father

Dear Jalen,

By the time you read this you’ve probably already heard your Dad’s version of the story of how we met. It’s pretty flamboyant, it typically consists of something along the lines of how persistent and relentless I was to chase after him. How he was basically just minding his own business and here I was throwing my phone number at him essentially begging for him to ask me out on a date. I can’t help but notice the more he tells the story the more eccentric his version of events become, especially if there’s an audience of friends gathered around to hear it.

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you once and for all: Your Dad’s version of the story couldn’t be further from the truth.

Please let me explain exactly how this meeting really went down. But before I do, it seems only fair to provide your father the opportunity to document his version of events here also. Unfortunately, your Dad procrastinates and I need to get these blogs posts moving. He wasn’t able to provide more than two sentences at the time I type this but his invitation remains open and I will update this blog post to include his story as soon as he has written it. Until then, I will share with you what he provided:

Let me start by saying your Mom says she really likes cake. Although I am not sure I have seen her actually eat cake since that day but that is what she says. – Daddy

Okay, I’m not going to lie. What your Dad says here really does make a lot of sense. But please don’t let his short statement detract from the truth of how our meeting really occurred.

It goes like this. That job I mentioned that I had interviewed for in the last post? Well, I accepted it and it turns out the place really was going to close its doors in the near future and I was about to face unemployment soon. I still couldn’t fully explain why on earth I made the move to this new job. In fact, my first day at work the HR Manager pulled me aside and flat out asked me why on earth did I leave my job to accept their offer? His question took me off guard, I tried to give some sort of respectable answer like I thought it would give me great experience but I basically just stammered around the question. I knew I would sound crazy if I told him the truth, that something I couldn’t explain was pushing me to it. It didn’t matter, he looked at me like I was crazy anyway.

“One day, in your search for happiness, you discover a partner by your side, and you realize that your happiness has come to help you search.” – Robert Brault

I have to admit, I felt crazy for moving there. I kept waiting for some kind of sign, any sign to validate that unshakeable feeling I was supposed to be there. In the meantime I made a few friends, I leased an apartment in a nearby town that I grew to love, things were okay. Though, one morning wasn’t exactly okay.

It was one of those weekdays where every little thing you do goes wrong. I woke up late which left me in a frantic dash to get ready for work. I didn’t even have time to eat breakfast. For me, there is a fine line between hungry and “hangry”. As I raced to work I felt hungry but I could feel that I was about to approach the hangry stage at any time and that’s not good for anybody. The hangry stage is when I turn into a big grouch, my hunger consumes me to the point I can’t focus on anything else. You probably know this about me already.

When I arrived to work I noticed a sign had been posted in the lobby, “Today is Jamison’s birthday! Call Ext. ….  and Wish Jamison a Happy Birthday!” I didn’t think much of it, Jamison is someone I knew of but had never spoken to. He’s the incredibly handsome engineer with the bright green eyes, I’ve occasionally passed him the hallways. I rushed on to my office to dig some change out of my purse for the vending machine only to find, that too, had gone wrong. In my mad dash to work, I had left my cash at home. So there I was sitting in my office, consumed by my growling stomach when I had a moment of genius. There was a sign in the lobby. It instructed me to call that Jamison guy and wish him a Happy Birthday. I don’t know who he is but where there is a birthday a birthday cake is sure to follow. My plan was to call up this guy, introduce myself and just maybe if I go nuts on wishing him a happy birthday he will offer me a piece of birthday cake. Before I did this, I emailed my best friend Missy for encouragement. She found this plot hilarious and was quick to cheer me on to do it. She also gets hangry. The call went a little something like this:

Your Dad: Hello?

Me: Hi! Uh, Jamison?

Your Dad: Yes?

Me: This is Robin from downstairs. I work in HR. I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I saw the sign posted downstairs instructing me to call you to wish you a Happy Birthday, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Your Dad: Thanks!

This call was entirely awkward and weird. I don’t remember anything else about this call other than despite my silent chants of “Please offer me cake! Please offer me cake! Please offer me cake!” he didn’t offer me any cake. He didn’t even mention cake at all. I felt so defeated.

A bit later that morning I was in the employee break-room. He happened to be passing through and he stopped by the bulletin board where I was standing.

Your Dad: “Hey! Thanks again for wishing me a Happy Birthday. I have a birthday cake up in my office, you should stop by and have a piece!”

Me: In my most non-nonchalant voice ever “Oh great! Thanks, I’ll stop by in a few.”

I’ll stop by in a few. Ha! I didn’t even know where his office was but I surely wasn’t going to take my time getting there. I grabbed a co-worker to take me to it. NOT because I wanted to throw myself at your father but because I was starving and I was only out for FREE CAKE. My best friend Missy can vouch for it.

The cake was delicious by the way. Your Dad was really nice and we talked for a few minutes while I happily chomped away. We wouldn’t talk again until he turned in his resignation. It was a sad time but the doors were closing after all and everyone needed to find new employers. I sent your Dad an email to wish him the best of luck in his future career.  He suggested we get together sometime the following week. I gave him my phone number so he could give me a call. We’d have our first date on the 4th of July. My favorite holiday.




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