All About Your Daddy

Dear Jalen,

If I had to describe your dad using only one word, I would describe him as playful. It didn’t matter what we were doing or where we were going, spending time together was fun and the time would always seem to fly by. Dating your dad was easy.

Jamison & Robin

Your dad is unlike anyone I have ever met. I expect he’s unlike anyone you’ll ever meet too. He has this energy about him that draws people toward him, it’s hard to explain. I can only say that I wasn’t immune to it either. I often find myself in awe of him and how things always seem to work out in his favor.

Part of it is that he’s highly intelligent. The kind of intelligence that gets people to take notice. For example, while in his thirties the company he worked for had undergone an audit. He spent much of the day together with one auditor who, as the day went on, only became increasingly fascinated with how he worked. The auditor later approached him with information to enroll in some sort of intense, accelerated medical program to become a doctor.

Intelligence aside, he has a way with people too. He naturally brings out the best in others because when he’s around, they want to be their best.

“Once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything.” – Unknown

Then there’s this other part to him that just drives me nuts as much as it makes me smile. It’s this uncanny ability for everything to work out in his favor. Your dad has the best of luck. He doesn’t really stress much about anything because as he so often puts it, “It’ll all work out.” This concept is so foreign to me. While everything is always “working out” for your dad, everything is typically just the opposite for me.

Sure, I can go with the flow but I’m a planner when it comes to the important things. The important things like, say, who will care for you while we’re both at work. That’s something important that I like to plan for. Your dad? Well, he’s not worried because “It’ll all work out.” As foreign as “It’ll all work out.” is to me, is the thought to your dad that it may not work out without planning. This is the part that drives me nuts. But to your dad’s point, everything always does work out for him. Your care included. It worked out better than I could have imagined and it had nothing to do with everything I did to try to plan for it. I’ll share that story in another chapter.

Here. You see this picture? Here he his playing roulette on our first cruise trip. Little did I know that when I took this picture, he’d soon win enough money that could cover all he gambled with, pay for our cruise and still have a little spending money left over too. He actually came back home with more money than he left with.


In all fairness, I did have a bit of my own luck on that trip too. It happened around Midnight during “Dance Under the Stars” night on the Royal Caribbean cruise we were on traveling to the beautiful Bahamas. There we were out in the middle of the ocean, the weather was perfect. The best dance music was playing. My fruity drink was served to me in a pineapple. A pineapple! But that wasn’t my stroke of luck. No, it gets better. My luck happened when they wheeled out the dessert cart, chocolate fountain and it was all accompanied by THIS bad boy. A Greek God made entirely of dark and white chocolate. Isn’t he glorious?! Sure, he may not be much to everyone else but to me, the sight of him was worth a million bucks. I’m not sure how he survived the night for me to be able to capture this picture of him the next morning.


Scenarios where we both have great luck though, they typically don’t happen. It usually goes something more like this: One winter we had a few days of rough winter weather. One day in particular the snow was really coming down. I tried my best to leave work as soon as I could to avoid the poor road conditions. It was late, I even skipped picking up something for dinner to try to make it but alas it didn’t work out. I had only a couple miles left to go when my car couldn’t make it up an icy hill on a rural country road. I had no choice but to park it and walk the rest of the way home. It was freezing cold. I was starving. It was pitch black. I was exhausted from the work week. The snow was up to my calves and I was stumbling with every other step I took. Fortunately, I made it home safe and sound and that’s all that matters.

Your dad? Well, his truck broke down. The instant his truck broke down a car had pulled over to immediately help him. It was an older couple in a nice warm car that was filled to the ceiling with Christmas presents. They managed to squeeze him in somehow between all the packages. They had a great conversation. They offered him cookies. To hear him tell the story you would have thought Santa Clause himself had pulled his sleigh over to give your dad a hand.

Experiences like this are just another day for your dad and truth be told, if they could happen to anyone I’m glad they happen to him. Though now that you’re here I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you inherit this too.

Sharing a life with your dad is an adventure. A wonderful adventure that keeps you on your toes but also keeps you smiling. Little did I know how soon my own luck was about to change for the better. I’d soon feel like the luckiest girl in the world as we began shopping for our home together. Our home where he would propose.



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