Our Wedding Reception

Dear Jalen,

After the wedding ceremony, we didn’t waste any time to start celebrating. We booked a limo bus to pick us up from the ceremony. This wasn’t any typical bus, it was decked out with a sound system, party lights…and a stripper pole. We piled ourselves and our guests in and it didn’t take long for us to get  the party started.

Robin & Jamison Las Vegas 2009 136Robin & Jamison Las Vegas 2009 131

While we danced to our favorite music on blast and drank champagne, we were being driven around Las Vegas. We rode out to the infamous welcome to Las Vegas sign for photos. Many cars that drove by honked and waved in celebration with us.

We shall always treasure the wonderful times shared with amazing people.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita


Next, we moved on to Casa di Amore, an Italian restaurant where we celebrated over dinner and red velvet cupcakes for dessert – your dad’s favorite!

Wedding Cupcake Tower

We kept the party going the entire night. We stopped by club Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel. Paris Hilton made an appearance.

I hope by the time you read this, you don’t know who Paris Hilton is. But if you do, I’ll tell you that her behavior was much like someone who was completely and utterly drugged out of her mind. If there was a bet in Vegas on whether or not she was, I’m guessing we would have won enough to get married a hundred times again. We’re hoping you will never aspire to be anyone like Paris Hilton.


We danced and drank and gambled until our flight left for Ocho Rios, Jamaica at the break of dawn the next morning. This was the happiest night of our lives…..until the night you were born.




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