The Only New Year Resolution I Will Make for Myself…and For You Too.

Red Tricycle Spoke Contributor

As seen on Red Tricycle

I once read a quote by Albert Einstein that said something about defining insanity as doing the same actions over and over but expecting different results. It often comes to mind at the end of the year when I begin deciding on New Year resolutions.

Though, the resolution is always the same. My body isn’t good enough and this is the year I’m going to fix it. Sure, I mix it up a little. One year I’ll resolve to lose 10 lbs. Another year I may resolve to have a “bikini body” by May. The next, I’ll resolve to cut back on carbs. I have yet to achieve any of the resolutions I resolve to keep. I go in to the new year with the best of intentions but it ultimately ends in disappointment, a side of guilt and a year-long scolding that continuously replays in my head until I do it all again next December.

Maybe it’s age. Maybe it’s motherhood. Maybe Albert is right again; it’s just my insanity talking. Whatever the case may be, this year is different.

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